Renewable Energy That Fits Your Budget

Go solar without the hassle of ownership. Similar to leasing a car, our PPA plans allow you to pay for the power you use and nothing more.

What is a power purchase agreement (PPA)

 Instead of buying the solar panels, with a PPA homeowners pay for the power produced and not a penny more.

Zero Down Payment

You can start your PPA today with no upfront out of pocket cost.

Low Monthly Payment

Monthly payment will not increase more then 3.5% / year over the liftime of lease.

Free Over Production

No worries if your solar panels produce more energy then you use. 

Service Guarantee

 Get worry-free energy with maintenance, monitoring, insurance, and peace of mind for up to 25 years. 

Hassle Free Install

We’ll handle the paperwork, permits, and all the aspects of your installation. A tailored  solar system that fits your needs. 

Sell Your Home

With guaranteed buyer approval, no matter their credit score, you can sell your home with peace of mind. 

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

One of our knowledgable team members would love to discuss your solar needs. Get a customized quote that fits your home and your wallet.

Solar Energy Myth Busting

There are so many “myths” about the solar industry that we decided to set the record start. Check out our video series on some of the most outragous solar energy myths we’ve heard.