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  • Solar Advice and Guidance
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We are a Solar Sales Company that helps Residential and Commercial customers get peace of mind. By removing or reducing their electric bill cost by installing Solar Panels & Electric Vehicle Chargers to independently power their Homes, businesses, or vehicles and increase the property’s value. Not only that, but it provides immense comfort & flexibility to consume more of their amenities without the high price tag. Since Electric Vehicles are on the rise in popularity, Solar Panels are a perfect combination to push the renewable future and save on travel costs to power it.

Solar Panels not only provide savings but also reduce everyday stress from managing needless or heavy power consumption. Also, to have to budget or limit the cost of electricity for necessary daily living. Our mission is to reduce environmental pollution and brighten the world, Help Families do better by reducing stress and expenses, and improve their environment correctly. We also help Businesses find an intelligent way to free up revenue for continuous growth. In short, what is it we offer? It’s Right; It’s Smart, It’s Solar! We are Bright Solar Power, Inc.


The Owner of Bright Solar Power Inc.

Hi everyone, my name is Michael and I’ve been serving solar customers for over 8 years. The world was a different place back then… Solar was a buzz-worthy technology that was new for most homeowners and shrouded with hype and myths. I was inspired by the evolution of renewable energy and how it could transform the lives. Not to mention, the positive impact solar energy would have on our environment.

During my time in the industry, I have seen everything in solar, the good, the bad, and the TRUTH. I started this company, Bright Solar Power Inc., to educate my community about solar and enrich the lives of everyone around me. Smart homeowners can take advantage of my passion for solar energy, and get personalized advice, installation, and everything in between.

My goal is to show people that there is a better way to power their homes and save money while doing it. My company doesn’t provide cookie-cutter solar packages. We listen to our clients and welcome them into our solar family. Each new system is tailor-made for each individual home.

Solar Advice

Expert Advice

We teach our customers about solar panel systems, brands, pricing, rebates, and even complex advice for anyone that knows a thing or two about solar technology. Bright Solar Power Inc. is genuine, without bias or pushy tactics, and backed by more than 10 years of solar experience.

Solar Packages

Custom Designs

Whether you have a design in mind for your home, or you would like us to create a custom design for your needs, we’ve got your back. Since we’ve worked with so many homeowners, we can work with any type of home and set up the perfect solar power system for you.

Solar Installs

Fast Installation

After the perfect design is created, our team can install it in one day. We don’t cut any corners, so the system will be covered by a 25-year warranty for workmanship. Every system we make is also optimized for maximum performance and ease of use, requiring very little maintenance.

Solar Maintenance

Solar Upgrades

Not all solar companies are the same. If you already have solar panels, and they were not designed properly, your home may not be getting the power it needs. But don’t worry, we can help! We have upgraded many solar power systems in California, and we will give the power you need.

We offer top-quality equipment & only use the best solar panels on the market!

We only use the best solar panels on the market!

Aptos Solar

Why choose Bright Solar Power Inc?

Solar Expert

We are solar advisors, not sales people.

When you call a big corporation you will have to talk to high-pressure salespeople. The problem is they have their commission on their mind, not your best interests. At Bright Solar Power Inc, we only offer honest and unbiased advice.

Solar Design

We don’t sell packages, we custom design systems for you.

Everyone’s home is different, and your energy needs are unique. That’s why we create custom-designed systems instead of providing the same package to everyone. It’s all about reducing your bills and increasing your power!
Solar Experience

Experienced, knowledgeable and only the highest quality.

With over 10 years of experience with solar, we know the difference between unreliable systems and optimized solar power. Bright Solar Power Inc. only provides you with the perfect system and highest quality products for your home.

Solar Warranty

All installations backed by 25 year warranty!

Our top-tier solar panels are covered by a premium 25-year warranty. On top of that, we also provide a 25-year warranty for parts and labor. Additionally, we also cover roof penetration for 25-years. So, if anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it.

Solar Savings

Support small business & get better prices

America was built by small business. Low overhead costs mean lower prices and higher quality. At Bright Solar Power Inc. we support our local community which helps us remain competitive with the huge corporations.

Solar Guys

Solar reviews directly from our customers

(Formerly known as Sun Energy California)

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