One of the biggest questions homeowners have when debating whether to install solar panels or not is will my roof be safe? The idea of holes being drilled into your roof can be scary! The process isn’t as brutal as it seems, though, and as long as the person installing your panels is a qualified professional, your roof is safe!

How are solar panels installed?

The process of installing the racking needed to hold solar panels can be worrisome. Installing the panels means altering one of the most important (if not the most important) parts of your home! But with a professional installer in your corner, the process is simple, safe, and easy!

To mount the necessary racking to your roof, the first step is to drill holes for the lag bolts that tie the racking to your roof. The size and length of these bolts depend on the type of roof you have (concrete, metal, etc.). To ensure that these bolts are water-tight installers use flashing, a thin piece of metal or plastic that is applied to both sides of the lag bolt! This helps to strengthen the hold of the bolt while also maintaining the safety of your roof. For further protection, your installers seal the lag bolts with tar or similar material, which protects your roof from all of the elements! 

What about weight? 

Another concern homeowners might have is how heavy the solar panels are. Adding panels may seem like too much weight to the highest point on a home, but with the proper racking, the weight is safely distributed! Besides, roofs are designed to bear much more weight than the usual size of a home solar array. 

Still unsure about a rooftop array? 

Installing solar panels on top of your home may be out of your comfort zone, but with Bright Solar Power California, your roof is guaranteed to be safe for 10 years after installation. You also have more options than just rooftop arrays! Ground installations are an easy way to avoid anxieties about installing solar panels on your roof. The racking is built in the area of your yard that receives the most sun and the panels angled to collect the most sun! This can be a great option if you’d like to reap the rewards of solar without any alterations to your home. 

No matter what you’re looking for to add to your home, Bright Solar Power California is your partner in making the best decisions for yourself and your family. We are here to help you navigate the world of solar energy!  If you’re still worried about the effects solar panels might have on your roof, head to our video page and check out our video going further into the relationship between your roof and your solar panels!

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